About Dave

Dave Bulger

Dave in a jacket

Dave Bulger
CEO, tuzag, inc.

Professional Bio:

Dave is a proven leader and seasoned expert in accelerating changes in customer behaviors through advanced predictive modeling, deep consumer insights and individually tailored messaging. A pioneer in interactive video and one-to-one marketing design and development, Dave has spent 25 years bringing an entrepreneurial spirit and vision to a variety of opportunities.

After creating cutting-edge interactive videodisc training and simulation programs for U.S. Department of Defense contracts and developing expertise in computer-based behavior change acceleration at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, Dave founded MicroMass Communications, a successful one-to-one marketing services provider, in 1994. At MicroMass, Dave managed all aspects of start-up business operations, including product development, marketing, sales, corporate finance and capital formation.

In 2005, Dave was a co-founder of Pump Relationship Technologies, a CRM technology company dedicated to creating one-to-one marketing relationships between brands and customers from first impression to advocacy. Most recently, Dave’s entrepreneurial bent has resulted in EMA Insight, Eric Mower + Associates’ integrated research, insights, strategy, planning and analytics group. With EMA Insight, Dave and his team helped clients achieve lasting returns in their customer relationships. He is focused on quickly identifying customer/prospect attitudes, behaviors and perceptions, then accelerating desired behavior changes by creating conversations that enhance customer loyalty and speed up desired purchase behaviors. With extensive experience and expertise in behavioral, direct and relationship marketing, Dave has guided premier healthcare, financial services, technology and consumer brands as they attract, nurture and retain their most valuable customers.

In 2013, Dave launched tuzag, inc., an advertising technology and methodology company dedicated to making digital advertising better for consumers and more effective for brands by helping brands tailor messages to individual consumers without tracking web behaviors or accessing personal data.

Personal Bio:

Dave tries to be a good husband, father and dog walker. He enjoys hiking, cooking, movies, sports and reading. He’s also a dedicated runner, although he’s still not thrilled with his 5K time! He is an informal student of Zen, but not of the art of motorcycle maintenance. Namaste!


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